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On a gorgeous Sunday, wearing our upscale sundresses mid-winter, we sashayed our way into Culina.  Nestled in the Four Seasons Beverly Hills hotel we found an expansive beautiful restaurant.  We were strolled through various large rooms, some housing tables, others offering up every brunch item one can imagine.  Enjoying the unseasonably warm weather we chose a table for two on the back garden patio.  A fountain bubbled a few feet away from our server who greeted us enthusiastically.





















“So we just go in there (I said pointing) and take whatever we like? “  The server nodded, reminded us that it is a buffet and scrambled off to bring us our midday libations. 



And that is when Kate and I entered what felt like the Willy Wonka brunch factory.  There was a whole table dedicated to donuts and other pastry assortments.  To the right I caught the eye of a smiling man flipping quesadillas at the taco station.  Across from him a carving station radiated heat, with short ribs wafting towards us.  Pot stickers and wontons lay in pots to the left.  Through that room and into another we found the waffle/pancake station, fruit galore and low and behold SUSHI!  I felt lost among all the options.  Surely I didn’t want to mix my eggs with my shrimp tower.  So I followed people aimlessly, watching, salivating.  At one point Kate and I became separated but I found her at the Bloody Mary bar (naturally).



















I sipped a Mimosa back at the table and used my strategic approach of taking a bite out of everything to determine what was worth filling up on.  The answer… everything!  It was delicious.  Kate loved all of the vegetarian options and the fresh guacamole accompanying her mushroom and cheese quesadilla.  The ambiance was fantastic, complete with interesting people (most of them good looking, ahem single people) and a few celebrities to boot.  “Oh heeeyyy Murray from Clueless!” 





















While this brunch will definitely deplete the bank account we’ve decided that it’s well worth it.  Arrive ravenous and take your time, this is definitely an all morning/afternoon affair.


Culina- Four Seasons, Beverly Hills

By: Leah

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