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The Wallace

The Wallace is the new kid on Culver City’s block. Nestled on Main street it’s easy to locate and even easier to scope out the lively front patio when walking by. Culver City is becoming a full-fledged brunch destination. It’s a perfect middle meeting ground for those who dwell in far off neighborhoods. Being a westsider myself I’ve often thrown out CC as a meeting zone for friends in Hollywood or Southbay. Put The Wallace on your ‘places to meet’ list, it’s fantastic.






















The space itself is large, clean and inviting. We sat at a rustic inspired table directly under a skylight, illuminating our typewritten font menus. I started with their Teepee cocktail (Campari, cava, chamomile, lemon) $8. It was refreshing, slightly sweet with a bit of a tart bite.  I savored it since I was only having one.
























The girls and I opted to order several dishes to taste and dabble as much as we could stomach. We started with Salmon Gravlax (horseradish cream cheese, pickled cucumbers, dill, pumpernickel) $12. The salmon was great and the bread was homemade (always a big A+ in my book). I loved the horseradish cream cheese and smeared a little extra on my second sample. For a bit of sweet for our girl Whitney, we ordered the Lemon and Ricotta Fritters (raspberry sauce) $8. I was swept back to my younger years at a carnival with a hot bag of mini donuts. So good! My only complaint is there were only three and I could have easily eaten ten more.























For entrees we were advised to try the Fried Chicken (toasted cornbread, bacon, cheddar, honey, fennel)$16 and the Chilaquiles (roasted chicken, tortilla, tomatillo salsa, queso fresco) $13. We added the Farro Salad as well (bloomsdale, spinach, roasted pumpkin, cranberry, pumpkin seeds) $12. The Chilaquiles was delightful. The green salsa was spicy, but not too hot, and mixed well with the avocado and scrambled eggs. Did I mention there’s fried homemade tortilla chips in this dish? I hold this item close to my heart. The Fried Chicken was juicy with good crunchy skin. The coleslaw that accompanied the chicken was a great condiment to drench my chicken in. I really enjoyed the Farro Salad. It was hearty and full of little surprises such as nuts and cranberries in each bite.

























Carol, one of the owners, was incredibly nice and down to earth. She took a seat and chatted with us for a while, answering questions like how did they came up with the name The Wallace (answer – Braveheart). We’ll definitely be back to this LA Brunchers Approved spot and suggest you check it out as well.



The Wallace is open for brunch Sat. & Sun. 11am-2:30 pm  


3833 Main StreetCulver City

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