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The Tripel’s retro-inspired sign, towering high above this small gastropub in Playa Del Rey,

advertises craft beer and wine.   Things we love, of course.  

But brunch, brunch is what we came for.  And brunch we did.


As you all may have guessed, we are fans of a good mimosa with brunch. But beer can also

compliment brunch nicely. And there is something about a cold beer on a Sunday afternoon.

Thankfully, it was just that sort of afternoon when we stumbled in for brunch. As promised,

The Tripel serves a wide array of craft beers and beer-inspired cocktails.


I love a refreshing sour beer, so immediately ordered Tripel’s Peach Tart with Peche Mel

and sour ale. The pear nicely countered the sourness of the beer without being overly sweet.

Leah similarly changed it up, ordering a spicy Bloody Mary made with beer.


                                                         The atmosphere at The Tripel seems to be a creature, not only

                                                           of its chef, but the beach city of Playa Del Rey.

                                                           It’s bright (surprisingly given the black painted walls),

                                                           laid back, and intimate. There’s a nice hum as people sit

                                                           around the public tables and chat over beers and brunch.

                                                           Just as we had begun to look at our menu, The Tripel’s celebrity chef (you may have 

                                                           seen her on Top Chef) Brooke Williamson strolled in to chat with the tables, grab some food, and

                                                           check  on the kitchen. Learning we had never tried The Tripel’s famous biscuits, she immediately put

                                                           in an order for us. As we chatted biscuits over beer, she joked she had tried to take the biscuits off the

                                                           menu once. In light of the backlash she received, this decision did not last long. And thankfully so.


                                                        The biscuits, made with red curry and

                                                          coconut milk came out piping hot.

                                                          Light and savory, they broke apart

                                                          easily and had an ever so slight spice

                                                          to them. We slathered our buns with

                                                          the rich and creamy clotted crème,

                                                          which came lightly glazed with

                                                          orange blossom honey.



We had a difficult time choosing what we wanted so we decided to

order a few things and graze.  The table’s favorite – which also turned

out to be the chef’s – was the Sweet Carrot Farro, with wilted kale,

chicken sausage, poached egg, and truffle pecorino ($10).  Then came that burger.  The enormous, juicy “the Cure” burger ($11).  After a few too many drinks the night before, there is no better cure than beer and a burger.  This one comes on a pretzel bun with avocado and fried egg.   The pretzel bun is the real deal and the meat succulent.  The burger did not last long.  
















We also relished the Duck “Hash” ($14) lobster salted peewee potatoes, duck confit, fried egg, pancetta and vinegar cooked greens. Being the resident veggie at the table, I ordered the Burrata Egg-White Omelette, with slow roasted plum tomatoes, thai basil, and charred broccolini.  The ingredients were fresh, so I was happy with my choice (although could not help but feel slightly envious of my meat eating friends and their delicious smelling dishes).


All in all, we left our brunch happy and full.  A wonderful Sunday of beers, biscuits, burgers and brunch at The Tripel.

The Tripel, 333 Culver Boulevard Playa Del Rey, CA 90293 (310) 821-0333. Sat. & Sun. Open at 10:30 a.m.


Beers, Burgers, Biscuits, and Brunch

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