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Dudley Market

Something very exciting happens when Jesse Barber and Alan Birbaum collaborate. Evidence = Dudley Market. From the artisanal inspired restaurant space to the authentic, inventive fresh fare everything has a touch of their genius.

(photo cred Dudley Market)

Dudley Market achieves a genuine neighborhood feel despite its location just steps from the tourist driven boardwalk. Large windows line the front of the space while exposed brick mixed with beautiful shelving make up the interior side walls. A quaint bar faces inward to the kitchen, giving us a glimpse into the magic!

Please allow the server to walk you through the menu. It's delightful! Happiness begins with a gorgeous crisp white wine and fresh oysters.

But while you're waiting try not to eat the napkin, menu or anything else that can be dipped in their incredible homemade butter.

The Toast is playful, seasonal and flavorful. I'd put this under the "must" category when ordering.

Veggies & Eggs wear a new hat at Dudley Market. These vegetables taste as if they've been plucked from the garden of eden and placed on your plate. The flavor is simple and incredible.

We loved the generous portion of crab on our Crab Louie Salad.

You can't go wrong here, trust us! And the best part, they open at 8am for all of us early birdies.

9 Dudley Ave. Venice, CA 90291 424.744.8060


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