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When out-of-towners come up for the day and ask for “brunch with a view” there are really only a few places that make the list. The Huntley Hotel’s Penthouse was voted on unanimously (oh, and we had purchased that awesome deal we advertised in January). With stunning views of the Pacific and gorgeous white tables draped with gauzy tulle curtains the restaurant is elegant and photo-worthy. We actually felt underdressed in our new LA Bruncher gear.

We started off the day with cocktails, per usual. I absolutely adore the Thyme & Cucumber Amnesia (Hand Pressed Houthouse Cucumbers & Fresh Thyme, Aviation New Western Dry Gin, Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice & White Cranberry Juice $14) and they make a pretty fabulous Don Hemingway (Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Maraska Liqueur, Fresh Grapefruit Simple Syrup & Fresh Lime Juice $15). But the special called for Mimosas (fresh orange juice with a side of blackberries!) and we threw in a couple of Bloody Marys for good measure. Ryan Magarian, the house Mixologist, manages to create fresh flavors with the perfect amount of ‘drunk’ and even offers up sugar free options. Kudos Ryan.

Our service was wonderful and extremely patient. I dare anyone to get six women to decide on entrees in under five minutes. It didn’t help that the menu is full of appetizing fare. I went back and forth between the Black Truffle Omelet (Truffle Cream, Wild Mushrooms, Ricotta Cheese, Black Summer Truffles $24) and Bacon Waffle Stack (Bacon Waffle Batter, Topped With Two Eggs Any Style, Maple Syrup $18). I opted with the latter (waffles, bacon AND eggs? Yum). Kate ordered the Mushroom & Aged Gruyere Omelet (Crème Fraîche & Vermouth $15). Others ordered the Huevos Rancheros ($13) and Eggs Benedict ($17). My waffle was amazing. The bacon bits were beautifully enfolded into the batter offering my favorite combination of salty and sweet. The eggs, over easy, gave a savory element that, combined with the syrup, tasted like heaven! Kate’s omelet was decadent and oozing with flavorful Gruyere. The mushrooms tasted fresh and combined nicely with smoky flavors. Others raved about their dishes (but I didn’t get a chance to nibble).

The sunshine filled the large restaurant and our views of the ocean were stunning. Our Mimosas were never empty and the staff truly catered to all our whims and needs (including taking five million photos of us until finally someone wasn’t blinking or staring off into space). Brunchers tip; use the back stall in the women’s room- the view is incredible! We’ll definitely be visiting here again, and this time we’ll dress up a bit more.


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